Review: Forbidden by Christina Phillips

September 22, 2010 5 Klovers, Erotica, Recommended Read, Reviews 0

Christina Phillips
ISBN:  978-0-425-23808-0
Penguin Putnam/Berkley Heat
September 2010
Erotica/Historical Trade Paperback


Carys is a Druid Princess whose country has been taking over by the Roman Empire. To save her people’s way of life, the druids cast a powerful spell to hide themselves from their Roman conquerors. Maximus is a Roman officer who is in charge with the invasion of her land. When Maximus catches Carys spying on him as he baths, he’s instantly intrigued by this woman who appears different from the other natives he’s encountered so far. For Carys the attraction she has for Maximus is lethal, if she reveals who and what she is, it could mean the destruction of her people.

Their worlds collide when Maximus saves Carys and carries her back to his compound to recover. Despite their strong feelings together, actually living together is impossible. Not only does Maximus still not know that Carys is a Druid Princess, but Carys doesn’t know that Maximus has been tagged to find her people and defeat them and Maximus doesn’t know that his greatest enemy is the woman he’s falling in love with.

I could be wrong and I often am (not really, but it sounds more humble this way – LOL), but I believe Christina Phillips is a debut author. If she is, wow! FORBIDDEN is an awesome debut and Ms. Phillips is an author who will definitely be added to my list of authors that I must start stalking and keeping up with her new releases. FORBIDDEN has a unique premise and setting that is handling in realistic and compelling way. It never lost my attention, as a matter of fact I started FORBIDDEN when I was recovering from a surgical procedure and should’ve still been drowsy from the medication I took, yet I couldn’t put the book down and go back to sleep.

But enough about that, I suppose you want my review. This is the point where I normally talk about what didn’t work for me in a book. Umm, for FORBIDDEN I can’t think of much that didn’t work. Forbidden is a well-crafted story that kept me enthralled and turning the pages. The only thing that seemed a tiny bit clichéd was the villain, and that some of the sexual references (i.e., body parts) seemed to be modern terms. Also, this is where I’m really not an expert, but Maximus uses the “f” word and it pulled me out for a moment because I didn’t think that was a word used during that timeframe. But even with those minor things, because the awesomeness of everything else did not make those issues stand out to me much.

This is what I loved. The setting (Britain under Roman occupation), the Druid history, the characters, the sexual heat that was equal to the emotional connection between the Carys and Maximus, the tension, the conflict, the great narrative. Umm, I could go on and on. All the things that I’ve mentioned here blended together so seamlessly that made for a great read. If you love not only erotica, but also stories with well written characters, and great historical detail, you won’t make a mistake by picking up FORBIDDEN.

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