Review: Hearts Surrender by Marianne Evans

January 21, 2011 5 Klovers, Inspirational, Recommended Read, Reviews 1

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Marianne Evans
ISBN: 9780984296828 (Trade Paperback)
B00433U37U (Kindle eBook)
September 3, 2010
White Rose Publishing
Inspirational Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Trade Paperback and eBook

Kiara Jordan’s life has focused around friends and fun, but lately her heart has been longing for more.  She is questioning her purpose in life and reconsidering her day-to-day choices in light of what God’s choice might be instead of just her own pleasure.  Ken Lucerne is the widowed pastor of Woodland Church.  Upon learning of Kiara’s interest in exploring outreach work, he convinces her to join him and the youth of the church on a week-long home-building mission in Pennsylvania. A mutual attraction has them both reconsidering their lives and the walls that each must lower in order to explore what God may have in store.

Hearts Surrender is a wonderful second novel set in the charming Woodland Community.  Those familiar with the first novel, Hearts Crossing, will be delighted to see the return of Collin and Daveny and will enjoy their matchmaking efforts with Kiara and Ken.  Kiara and Ken struggle with feelings and self doubts that many of us can readily relate to.  Each come to the relationship with burdens and beliefs forged in previous relationships and life experiences, making their growth and the power of God’s guidance and love even more vivid and and powerful.  Hearts Surrender is a satisfying, feel good romance that goes beyond mere happy endings, leaving the reader inspired and grateful for God’s love in all our lives.  I can’t wait for the next Woodland book to be published!

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  1. Marianne Evans

    Hi, Crystal! Wow — needless to say I’m thrilled by your five-Klover review and ‘Recommended Read’ status for Hearts Surrender! Thank you for that!! Beyond ‘rankings,’ however, I’m even more delighted by the thoughtful insight and understanding you display in your reviews. That takes time, care and dedication. Thank you for that, and for supporting the inspirational romance genre so strongly! God bless! Marianne

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