Review: My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

April 11, 2011 5 Klovers, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult 0

Rachel Vincent
ISBN: 978-0373210275
Kindle ASIN: B004GEAI8A
January 2011
Harlequin Teen
Young Adult Fiction
Urban Fantasy
Trade Paperback

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Will bean sidhe Kaylee Cavanaugh ever be able to trust Nash again? She’s still reeling from his betrayal (see MY SOUL TO KEEP for more details) when his ex-girlfriend, Sabine shows up. Sabine is determined to recapture the love she had with Nash… but is she the culprit behind the recent deaths and upheavals plaguing Eastlake High?

Wow, I thought MY SOUL TO KEEP was intense but MY SOUL TO STEAL takes things to an entirely new level! Rachel Vincent doesn’t hesitate to address touchy issues such as drug addiction, betrayal, and relapse as this series only gets better with each new installment. MY SOUL TO STEAL is the fourth book in the Soul Screamers series and is best read within the context of the series as a whole, as the plotlines and relationships are intertwined throughout the series.

Rachel Vincent does a marvelous job with character development, taking familiar characters into even darker places while introducing us to Sabine. Frankly, I wanted to hate Sabine for interfering in the relationship between Nash and Kaylee but her prickly personality starts to grow on the reader as her past is revealed. Kaylee’s plight is a bit more complex, as she is torn between her love for Nash and the hurt of his betrayal. It’s a very honest look at the emotional damage caused by addiction and I applaud Rachel Vincent for being willing to tackle it.

Rachel Vincent certainly shakes up the various relationships in MY SOUL TO STEAL, leaving the reader wondering just what will be in store with the next installment, IF I DIE. Highly recommended!

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