Review: Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan

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Christine Feehan
Performed by Tom Stechschulte
ISBN: 978-0515149210 (Paperback)
ASIN: B004HFK1D0 (Unabridged Audio Book)
ISBN:  978-1410435965 (Hardback Lg Edition)
ASIN: B004DI7I1E (Kindle)
December 2010   (Paperback)
January 2011 (Unabridged Audio Book)
February 2011 (Hardback Lg Edition)
December 2010 (Kindle)
Penguin Publishing – Jove Books /Penguin Audiobooks / Thorndike Press / Penguin Publishing
Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
Romantic Suspense


Ghostwalker Kane Cannon’s mission with his team has him in a precarious situation when he bumps into the woman he has been searching for, for the last 8 months.  Rose Patterson is a hunted fugitive, ex-lover as well as a fellow GhostWalker desperate to save the life of her unborn child and keep him safe from the clutches of Dr. Peter Whitney.  The child is Kane’s, and he is just as adamant as Rose in wanting to keep him away from the likes of Whitney, only Kane is going to have to prove that to Rose who is not about to trust anyone with her life or that of her unborn child.

***  In a switch, from the GhostWalker team I’ve become accustomed to in Ms. Feehans marvelous GhostWalker series, the team that Kane belongs to are Urban fighters with their headquarters in converted warehouses that spark the imagination with their upscale and  ultra-modern, ultra-safe security do dads and gizmo’s.  The new team members you meet in RUTHLESS GAME are also cleverly imaginative with even more astounding psychic powers and fabulous personalities.  This is not to say that you can completely forget the original GhostWalkers either as Feehan always has ways of bringing them all together when deemed necessary for the good of the teams, and the finale to RUTHLESS GAME brings them back together in one marvelous celebration.

The whole story is one in which Kane and Rose get cut off from their comrades after the team completes their mission and together they must stay alive until Kane’s team can get back to find them and bring them home.  During the time Feehan uses this scenario to let Rose and Kane work out their differences and learn to trust one another.  It’s a very sensual and emotional time for both with the protagonists when Rose gives birth (early) and Kane is required to deliver the baby, knowing full well that they are being watched, and must keep the baby’s birth secret until help arrives, or Rose and the child are well enough to make a run for it.

All in all this was one fast action thriller and another remarkable story from the pen of Ms. Feehan that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The action is non-stop; Rose’s introduction of a somewhat normal life after being brought up as a soldier in a training facility; and having two new friends show her the joy of shopping was again, a real treat.  The bad-ass fighting skills of everyone concerned were terrific, and when the new mothers and their babies got together only opens a plethora of new ideas that I’m sure Ms. Feehan is going to have a wonderful time regaling her fans with of dynamic new stories as the kids grow into adulthood.  Personally, I can’t wait.

Bottom Line:  The GhostWalker series and  RUTHLESS GAME just gets better and better with every new installment!  Love, love, love it!

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