Review: Rise of the Gryphon by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

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Review: Rise of the Gryphon by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna LoveRise of the Gryphon Series: Belador #4
by Dianna Love, Sherrilyn Kenyon
on August 2013
Genres: Shape Shifters, Urban Fantasy
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
In the fourth novel of the bestselling Belador paranormal series, Evalle Kincaid must turn her back on the Beladors to protect those she loves, and the world, from annihilation.

To prevent a genocide, Evalle is forced to embrace her destiny…but at what cost?

As an Alterant who fights everything from trolls to demons, Evalle has lived as an outcast among the Beladors, but can now change all that…and find answers to her origins as well. Those answers and a traitor hide within the Medb coven, an enemy poised to destroy the mortal world and all that Evalle holds dear. While her best friends Tzader and Quinn want to help, they have their own conflicts and face unthinkable choices as relationships with the women they love twist in unexpected directions. With time ticking down on a decision that will compel allies to become deadly enemies, Evalle turns to Storm and takes a major step that only complicates matters more when the witchdoctor he’s been hunting now stalks Evalle.

*Please note that RISE OF THE GRYPHON is the fourth book in the series and this review may contain spoilers for earlier books*

The Goddess, Macha, has sent Evalle Kincaid on a quest to find the origin of the Alterants, a quest that leads her to an illegal and very dangerous underground world. How far will Evalle have to go if she is to save both herself and her whole race? Will it cost her everyone she loves?

RISE OF THE GRYPHON is a darker book that its predecessors. I wouldn’t suggest reading it without reading the earlier three books as RISE OF THE GRYPHON jumps right in where THE CURSE left off. The plot moves ahead quickly without a lot of back history being repeated. There are cliffhangers ahead, though, as multiple threads have been intertwined throughout the series and some huge changes are developing. RISE OF THE GRYPHON definitely has some shocking twists!

Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love do a spectacular job at world building and character development. The depth of the world of the Beladors, Alterants, and Medb just keeps expanding, keeping the reader intrigued as new revelations continue emerging. However, it is the characters who are the heart of this series. I was glad to see Isak Nyght take more of a backseat in RISE OF THE GRYPHON but can we ever have enough Feenix?

Evalle continues to prove her strength of heart, as she is willing to sacrifice for all she loves and protects. She is beginning to gain confidence in herself as a person, not just as a fighter. Watching her grow emotionally is beautiful but seeing Storm give her the time she needs to grow is even more beautiful. While RISE OF THE GRYPHON is more urban fantasy than paranormal romance, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love truly capture the essence of true romantic love with the relationship between Storm and Evalle.

RISE OF THE GRYPHON is yet another highly recommended read by the talented duo of Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love!

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