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Since March 17, 2005, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques has been committed to quality reviews across all genres.

We received these books for free from the publisher/author/blog tour feature in exchange for honest reviews. We received  absolutely NO compensation for the reviews posted. This does not affect our opinion of the books or the content of our reviews. We all review for the love of books. ALL money made from purchases via links on this site goes exclusively to the maintenance of this site. No member of this team receives payment of any kind.


5 Klovers – Excellent
4 Klovers – Good
3 Klovers – Average
2 Klovers – You may want to think about it first
1 Klover – Pass on this one


Authors, are you interested in having your books reviewed here? If so send in your requests. Please include in your queries ALL of the following information: Title, Author, ISBN (if assigned, if not please state none assigned) Publication date (Month and Year), Publisher, Story Description, and what formats the review copies of the books are available in.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, we can no longer accept requests without ALL of the above information. If we do not receive all of the required info, the review request WILL NOT be forwarded on for a volunteer. We are still a small site with a large number of requests and can no longer continue to go back and request the additional information left out of the original request.

Thanks! We are still a very small site but we’ll be happy to see if we have a volunteer for your books. We cannot promise every request sent to us will be filled, but we will do as much as we can as fast as we can. Also please keep in mind, we will not love every book that comes our way. We will post reviews with low ratings if we truly feel it is necessary.


We are looking for a few good readers to review for us!  Willingness to review eBooks is an absolute requirement. (At least 90% of our total review requests are electronic formats only) If you are interested please submit a sample review and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can after we look at it.